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2005.08.19(Review of 2004.05.25 edition)

Here's a great way to start a business of your own with less risk!

Today's Lesson
FRANCHISE   フランチャイズ


  • A franchise is a business which has a contractual agreement to sell a company's goods or services in a particular area using the company's name.
  • franchise は、ある会社のブランド名を使用して、その会社の商品やサービスを提供するという契約合意に基づいて営業する業者、または店のことです。


  1. My brother is thinking about buying a fast-food franchise.
  2. Owning a franchise can often make it easier to start a new business because franchise holders are able to use an already well-known brand name.
  3. Jim became rich running a hugely successful Electro-Mart franchise in the suburbs.

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