BAGGAGE CAROUSELの意味、回転式手荷物引き渡しコンベアー

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2005.07.13(Review of 2004.03.10 edition)

Greetings! If you think today's WordMaster is an amusement park ride for luggage, read on!

Today's Lesson
BAGGAGE CAROUSEL   回転式手荷物引き渡しコンベアー


  • A baggage carousel is a circular conveyor belt system in an airport, on which baggage is placed to be picked up by passengers.
  • baggage carousel は、空港にある大きな回転式のコンベアーで、乗客は預けた荷物をここで受け取ります。


  1. The baggage carousels are on the lower level of the terminal.
  2. PASSENGER: I just got off flight 64. Which baggage carousel should I go to?
    AIRPORT EMPLOYEE: Go to carousel number 2.
  3. (airport announcement)
    Passengers from Jetstream Airlines flight 752 should please proceed to baggage carousel number 6 to collect their luggage.
  4. (a passenger at the Baggage Claim Counter)
    Excuse me, but my bag didn't come out of the baggage carousel.

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