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2005.07.01(Review of 2004.11.24 edition)

If youve got a boss that fits this description, you have our sympathy!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
SLAVE DRIVER   人使いが荒い人


  • A slave driver is a manager who makes his staff work unreasonably hard.
  • slave driver は、部下をこき使うマネージャーのことです。


  1. a: I'm exhausted! My boss hasn't allowed us a weekend off in months!
    b: How can you work for such a slave driver?
  2. a: Mr. Harper's department has the highest turnover rate in the company.
    b: I'm not surprised. I hear he's a real slave driver!
  3. (vice president of the company to Mr. Harper)
    I've called you into my office because I've been getting complaints from your staff that you make them work too hard. I'm not paying you to be a slave driver.

英会話レッスンDon't work too hard today!