JET LAGの意味、時差ぼけ

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2005.04.27(Review of 2004.02.10 edition)

Here's the price one pays for living in the jet age!

Today's Lesson
JET LAG   時差ぼけ


  • Jet lag is the tired feeling you experience after a long flight to a place where the time is much earlier or later than the place you came from.
  • jet lag は、何時間も時差がある地域から飛行機で移動してきた後で感じる倦怠感、つまり、時差ボケのことです。


  1. a: I still have a little jet lag from my New York trip.
    b: Have some coffee. That should help.
  2. (husband to wife back from a business trip)
    a: What are you still doing up? It's two o'clock in the morning!
    b: I can't sleep. My jet lag is terrible!
  3. I've booked a flight returning on Saturday morning so that I have some time to get over my jet lag before going back to work.

英会話レッスンWe hope you enjoyed the flight!