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2005.04.26(Review of 2004.02.12 edition)

We did a weeklong WordMaster For Life series on airline travel and time change from May 24-27, 2004. The series was called “Time Travel”. You might want to take a look at it, as we're treating a similar theme in @Work this week. Go to the “WordMaster For Life” top page and use the Search-By-Date (更新日から探す) engine at the bottom!

Today's Lesson


  • The time difference (between one place and another) is the number of hours earlier or later one place is compared to another.
  • time difference は、ある地域の時刻と他の地域の時刻との差のことです。つまり、時差です。


  1. a: What's the time difference between Tokyo and Sydney?
    b: I think Sydney is one hour ahead.
  2. (at the office)
    a: Why haven't you made that call yet?
    b: Because with the nine-hour time difference, right now it's only 2:00 in the morning in London.
  3. (wife to husband)
    a: Why can't you call your client at the office? It's almost midnight!
    b: I know, but the time difference between here and New York makes it hard to contact them while I'm at the office.

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