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2005.04.19(Review of 2004.08.09 edition)

If you don't know whether your supervisor is pleased or fed up with the quality of your work, it's very hard to stay motivated and do your best. The right words can make a real difference for an employee. A simple “Well done!” can lift spirits, and even well-meaning criticism brings clarity and understanding. It's all about communication, isn't it?

Today's Lesson
FEEDBACK   意見、反応


  • Feedback is someone's opinion about work you have done, a product you have made, etc.
  • feedback は、自分がした仕事、作った物などに対する他者の意見のことです。


  1. My supervisor gives me lots of feedback on my work. It really keeps me motivated to do my best.
  2. I'd appreciate some feedback on my presentation if you have a few minutes.
  3. Have we gotten any feedback from customers yet on the new package design?
  4. Based on the feedback we've received, we believe that this product will be very popular among consumers in their twenties and thirties.
  5. Not all the feedback on the restaurant has been negative, however. We've also heard some very positive feedback regarding the quality of service.

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