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For Life
2005.07.06(Review of 2002.07.02 edition)

Hello! We're talking about summer this week, a season that most people look forward to eagerly. But, you know, after reading this week's WordMasters, you may not be in such a hurry for it to come after all!

Today's Lesson
MOLD(Y)   カビ(が生えた)


  • Mold is a substance that grows on old food or on objects in wet places, especially in warm weather. It's often green or black.

    When an object has mold growing on it, we say it is moldy.
  • mold は、古い食べ物や、湿気の多い場所にあるものに育つもののこと、つまりカビのことです。特に暖かい時期に出やすく、色は緑色や黒であることが多いです。

    カビが生えている状態を moldy といいます。


  1. Mold grows easily in bathrooms that don't have windows.
  2. I left my leather shoes in the closet all summer, and now they're covered in mold.
  3. I can't eat this orange - it's all moldy.

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