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Are you like us? Do you have trouble making up your mind what to order when faced with all the choices presented by even a modest-sized menu? How can one help but feel lost among the wonders of modern gastronomy? But inevitably the waiter does come around and a decision must be made. After today, decisions may not come more easily, but at least you'll know how to start!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
I'LL HAVE (a cappuccino).   (カップチーノ)をいただきます。


  • A common way to order something to eat or drink at a restaurant, coffee shop, etc. is to use the expression I'll have .... For example, if you want to order a cappuccino, you can say, “I'll have a cappuccino.”
  • レストランや喫茶店で食べ物や飲み物を注文するときは、I'll have ... という表現をよく使います。例えば、カップチーノを注文したいなら、I'll have a cappuccino. と言えばよいでしょう。


  1. WAITER: Can I take your order?
    CUSTOMER: Yes. I'll have the spaghetti with meat sauce, please.
  2. (at a fast-food restaurant)
    COUNTERPERSON: Can I help you?
    CUSTOMER: Yes. I'll have three pieces of fried chicken, coleslaw, and two large sodas.
  3. WAITRESS: Would you like something to drink before your meal?
    CUSTOMER: I'll have a glass of wine, please.

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