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For Life
2005.03.03(Review of 2001.11.27 edition)

Everybody wants to be a star! Today the WordMaster gives you your chance!

Today's Lesson
BE IN (a movie) vs. STAR (in a movie)
(映画に)出演する vs. 主演する


  • To be in a movie is to be one of the actors in a movie.

    To star in a movie is to have one of the main acting parts in a movie.

    Be Careful! If an ACTOR stars IN a MOVIE, then we can also say that the MOVIE stars the ACTOR.
  • be in a movie とは、俳優の一人として映画に出る、という意味です。

    star in a movie というと、俳優が映画の中で主役を演じる、という意味になります。

    注意:俳優が映画で主役を演じるという意味で an ACTOR stars IN a MOVIE という言い方もあるし、a MOVIE stars an ACTOR という言い方もあります。


  1. That actress has been in a lot of movies, but this is the first time she has starred in one.
  2. a: I thought this movie starred Robert.
    b: No, he isn't in it. He just directed it.
  3. a: There's a new movie at the theater - it stars Johnny and Kate. Do you want to see it?
    b: If Johnny is in it, of course I want to see it!

英会話レッスンAnd, thus, another star is born!