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Today's Lesson
RETURN ADDRESS   差出人の住所、返信先の住所


  • A return address is information (city, street name and number, etc.) about the location of the person sending a letter or package. This is where the letter or package should be sent back if it can't be delivered.
  • return address とは、手紙や小包の送り主の情報(市町村の名前や番地など)のことです。もし手紙や荷物が届かなかった場合、この住所に送り返されます。


  1. a: Who's the letter from?
    b: The return address says Ishikawa Prefecture.
    a: Oh, it must be from my Aunt Nayoko.
  2. a: Who's the package from?
    b: I don't know. There's no return address.
    a: Well, open it and see what it is!
  3. Should I write my return address on the front of the envelope or on the back?


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