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Greetings! How did you enjoy your long weekend? On a scale of 1 to 10, we hope it was an 11!

The topic of the week is “colds” - those unwelcome gifts from family, friends, and the total strangers we come in contact with over the course of a day.

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
(There's a cold) GOING AROUND   (カゼが)はやっています


  • “There's a cold going around ” means that a lot of people are catching a particular cold these days. We can also use this expression when talking about the flu and other diseases.
  • There's a cold going around は、最近同じ種類のカゼをひいている人が多い、つまり、ある種のカゼがはやっている、という意味です。この表現は、cold を the flu(インフルエンザ)やその他の病気に置き換えて使うこともできます。


  1. (a mother to her child, who has just come home)
    Don't forget to wash your hands and gargle. There's a bad cold going around.
  2. There's a cold going around that stays with you for weeks.
  3. I sure hope I don't catch that flu that's going around. Alice got it, and now she has a 39-degree temperature.
  4. There's some kind of bug (= virus) going around at the office. Just in my department alone, there are five people home sick.

英会話レッスンWhat goes around comes around, so watch your back!