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WIND vs. BREEZE   風 vs. 微風、そよ風


  • Wind  is air that is moving quickly enough to be felt.

    A breeze  is a gentle, usually pleasant wind.

    Be careful:
    Although wind  is uncountable, it is common to use the word winds  in certain expressions. (See examples #7 and #8.)
  • wind  は、肌で感じるほど速い空気の動き、つまり、風のことです。

    breeze  は、穏やかな、(たいていは)心地よい風のことです。

    wind  は、数えられない名詞ですが、winds  と言うのが慣例になっている表現があります。(例文7、8参照)


  1. 春一番, the first strong wind  from the south, is a sure sign of spring.
  2. With the wind  at my back, I was able to do the last 50 kilometers on my bicycle in only 90 minutes.
  3. If the wind  weren't blowing, it would be so pleasant.
  4. The wind  chimes were ringing gently in the breeze.
  5. There was a light breeze  blowing off the lake.
  6. The cool breeze  felt nice after my run.
  7. There weren't any boats out on the bay due to the high winds.
  8. 60-kilometer-per-hour winds  are not uncommon during winter storms along the coast.

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