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Have you ever wondered how the Greeks could see a dog in just a single pair of stars? I guess that's what happens to the imagination in a world with no Television or computer games! These "pictures in the night sky" are the theme of today's WordMaster!

Today's Lesson


  • A constellation  is one of the generally recognized patterns made by groups of stars; for example, the constellations  Orion and Hercules.
  • constellation  は、いくつかの星の集まりを何かの形に見立てたもの、つまり、星座のことです。例:オリオン座、ヘラクレス座


  1. I only know the names of a few constellations.
  2. Many constellations  were named by the ancient Greeks.
  3. a: What constellation  is Jupiter in these days?
    b: It's in Leo (the lion).
  4. Most people can recognize the constellation  Orion because it has so many bright stars.

Chart a course for WordMaster again tomorrow, alright? We'll be waiting!