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Hello! Whether it's measured in hectares or acres, today's WordMaster is the center of operations for most crop farms!

Today's Lesson
FIELD / RICE PADDY   畑、牧草地/水田


  • When part of a farm, a field  is a large piece of land used for growing plants or raising animals.

    A rice paddy  is a piece of land covered in water in which rice is growing. Such a place is also called a paddy field.
  • 農場や牧場内にある field  は、作物や家畜が育てられている広い土地、つまり、畑や牧草地という意味です。

    rice paddy  は、水がはられた土地で、米が育てられている所、つまり、水田のことです。paddy field  とも呼ばれます。


  1. My grandmother has brown, wrinkled skin and a bent back from working in the fields  all her life.  
  2. Farmer McGee believes the rings cut in his corn field  were made by aliens.
  3. We ate our "bento" and watched the mountains and rice paddies  pass by through the window. I love train travel!
  4. The terraced paddy fields  in Bali are world famous.
  5. Planting rice in paddy fields  used to be back-breaking work when it was done by hand.

The sun is setting on the horizon. It's time to call it a day!