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Welcome back to WordMaster, and welcome to our "Earth Day 2004" special. Thursday is Earth Day, and once again we're taking this opportunity to think about the planet and the environment on which we all depend.

What we eat has always had a great impact on the environment, so both this week and next we're going to talk about food - specifically, how nature and industry work together to bring us the food we find on the supermarket shelves.

Enjoy - and use!

Today's Lesson
FARM / FARMER   農場、牧場/農場経営者、牧場経営者


  • A farm  is a large piece of land and the buildings on the land, where plants are grown or animals are raised in order to be sold.

    A farmer  is a person who owns or takes care of a farm.
  • farm  は、販売目的で作物や家畜が育てられている場所―広大な土地やそこに建てられた建物―のこと、つまり、農場や牧場という意味です。

    farmer  は、farm  を所有しているか、farm  の世話をしている人のことです。


  1. I grew up on a small farm.
  2. Mr. Manabe owns a 50-hectare organic farm  in Hokkaido.  
  3. There are a lot of dairy farms  and pig farms  in this part of the country.
  4. Farm  machinery is expensive, so local farmers  often buy it together and take turns using it on their farms.
  5. My grandfather was a farmer  and a poet.

Just smell that delicious country air!