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For Life

Hello again! We really didn't want to end the week on such a sad note, and now it seems that we won't have to. Our woman has decided to try again. This time she's older and wiser, but no less hopeful than on the days before her first marriage. We wish her luck and all the happiness that each of us rightly deserves!

Today's Lesson
REMARRY   再婚する


  • To remarry  is to marry again -- either after a divorce or after your husband or wife dies.

    Another way to say the same thing is get remarried.
  • remarry  は、再び結婚する、という意味です。離婚後でも、結婚相手と死別した後でもこの言葉が使えます。

    再婚する、という意味で、get remarried  と言うこともできます。


  1. I don't think I'll ever remarry.  No one could ever take the place of my dead husband.  
  2. In some countries, it's not possible to remarry  after a divorce.  
  3. I'm sure that my ex-husband will get remarried.  He couldn't live without a woman to take care of him.

And much luck and happiness to you too!