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For Life

So what do you call the person you used to share a life with when your lives are no longer shared?

Today's Lesson
EX-WIFE / EX-HUSBAND   元の妻/元の夫


  • A person you used to be married to is your ex-wife  or ex-husband.

    You can also call an ex-wife  or ex-husband  your ex.
  • 以前に妻だった人のことを ex-wife夫だった人のことを ex-husband  といいます。

    ex-wife  と ex-husband  のことを両方とも、短く ex  と言うこともできます。


  1. His ex-wife  got the house, the car, and the kids. The poor guy!  
  2. Mary saw my ex-husband  in a singles bar the other night.
  3. If my ex  calls, tell him I'm not home.

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