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For Life

Well, there's nothing more to be said. The marriage is over and all that remains to do is for our couple to put their signatures -- side-by-side for the last time -- on a sheet of paper, which will then be filed in some lonely cabinet in a cheerless government office. Our story is nearing its end.

Today's Lesson
DIVORCE (n.)   離婚


  • A divorce  is when a man and woman legally end their marriage.
  • divorce  は、法的に婚姻を解消すること、つまり、離婚という意味です。


  1. Over half of marriages in the United States end in divorce.
  2. After being separated for five years, they finally decided to get a divorce.
  3. The divorce  rate in Japan has been steadily increasing.
  4. My husband signed the divorce  papers this morning. Our life together is finally over.

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