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For Life

Nice to see you! We know that you've passed the weekend in suspense, wondering how our young couple (well, no longer so young perhaps) is doing. We're afraid the answer is, "Not so well." The sweetest moments of their early relationship, their first years together as man and wife, and the birth of their children are all just memories now, and serious problems have developed. We're afraid this isn't going to be a week of "happily ever after".

Today's Lesson
AFFAIR   情事、不倫


  • An affair is a sexual relationship between two people, especially when one or both of them are married to somebody else.
  • affair  は、性的な関係、という意味です。特にどちらか一方、または双方が結婚している場合にこの言葉を使います。


  1. My husband would never have an affair. He loves me too much.  
  2. Have you heard? Chigusa is having an affair  with her psychology professor.
  3. The movie is about a passionate love affair  between a painter and his model.
  4. a: What's wrong with Larry? He looks terrible.
    b: He just found out that his wife has been having an affair  with his best friend.

We'll be back with more "love on the rocks" tomorrow!