ON THE COMPANY; ON MEの意味、会社の負担で;自分の負担で

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This is our final WordMaster@Work for the year 2003. Many of you may be getting a little exhausted from attending so many year-end parties, but at least you ought to be able to save some of the expense of so much eating and drinking!

Today's Lesson
ON THE COMPANY; ON ME   会社の負担で;自分の負担で、自分のおごりで


  • If you say an expense is on the company, you mean that the company will pay the bill. Equally, if you say that an expense is on me, you mean that you will pay.
  • an expense is on the company  は、経費を会社が払ってくれる、という意味です。on me  は、自分が払う、という意味です。


  1. I wasn't going to go to my company's Christmas party, but then I found out that all the food and drinks were on the company.
  2. (one co-worker to another)
    a: Would you like to play golf next weekend?
    b: I'd like to, but I'm a bit short of cash at the moment.
    a: Don't worry, it's on the company.
  3. I've just been promoted, so the drinks are on me tonight!

Have a safe and enjoyable time over the holidays!, and we'll be looking forward to having you back next year! The WordMaster@Work business English lessons are on us!