RELOCATE (v.); RELOCATION (n.)の意味、転勤する、移転する

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Sometimes it is necessary to travel for a job, and occasionally it is even necessary to relocate to another branch, city or even country.

Today's Lesson
RELOCATE (v.); RELOCATION (n.)   転勤する、移転する/転勤、移転


  • To relocate is to move to a different area. A person can relocate, or an entire business or department can be relocated. Relocation is the action of moving to another place.
  • relocate  は、他の場所に移る、という意味です。人を主語にして、転勤するという意味や、会社や部署を主語にして(受身形で)移転するという意味で使えます。relocation  は、転勤、移転という意味です。


  1. So John, are you willing to relocate to Australia?
  2. Nike has relocated most of its manufacturing to China.
    The Immigration Office has been relocated to 12 Main Street.
  4. a: How are your preparations for relocation going, John?
    b: Fine, the relocation department has been very helpful.

How would you feel about relocating to another city or country?