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There are lots of small differences between American English and British English that can be confusing in the workplace. In America, for example, people say "resume", but in Britain people say "C.V."

Today's Lesson


  • In British English a C.V. is a document which gives details of a person's education, professional experience and interests. It is most often used by people when they are looking for a job. C.V. stands for "curriculum vitae" which is Latin for "the story of my life". In America the same document is called a "resume".
  • イギリス英語で C.V.   は、個人の学歴、職歴、興味などを書いた書類、つまり、履歴書という意味です。たいていの場合、職探しのために使います。 C.V.   は、curriculum vitae の略で、ラテン語の「私の人生の歴史」という意味です。アメリカでは履歴書はresumeと言われる場合が多いです。


  1. If you want to find a good job, it's important to have a good C.V.
  2. a: Why are you doing all that voluntary work?
    b: Because it looks good on my C.V.
  3. I keep applying for jobs, but no one will offer me an interview. Perhaps there's a problem with my C.V.
  4. Thank you for coming to see me about the job. If you could leave a copy of your C.V. with my secretary, I'll look at it as soon as possible.

In both Britain and America a
C.V. is absolutely vital when you are looking for a job. How important is it in Japan?