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Hi! Do you remember yesterday's WordMaster? Well, we started the week with "Ground Transportation" because that's the theme for the week. With all the three-day weekends this month and the big holiday season coming up in December, we thought travel might be on a lot of your minds!


Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
(BUS) STOP vs. (TAXI) STAND   バス乗り場、バス停 vs. タクシー乗り場


  • To take a bus from an airport - or from anywhere - wait at a bus stop.

    To take a taxi, wait at a taxi stand.
  • 空港(その他の場所でも)のバスの乗り場のことを bus stop  といいます。

    タクシー乗り場は、taxi stand  といいます。


  1. Take the bus going downtown. You can catch it at bus stop #2 in front of the South Terminal.
  2. I waited at the bus stop for 30 minutes before I realized I had missed the last bus of the day.
  3. There was a long line of people at the taxi stand, so I took the bus instead.

May there always be a ride for you just around the corner!