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Good to see you! We're still in a generous mood, so today it's a sequel to yesterday's WordMaster. These are a couple of nice expressions for a Friday, don't you think?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Useful Expressions
(It's) on me. / (It's) on the house.   私のおごりです/店からのサービスです


  • When you pay for someone's meal, movie ticket, etc., you can say, "It's on me."

    When something - such as a meal or a drink - is free, then it's on the house. We usually use this expression only in places such as restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.
  • 誰かの食事代や映画代などを払ってあげるとき、It's on me.(私のおごりです)と言うことができます。

    飲食代などが無料のとき、It's on the house.(店からのサービスです)といいます。普通、レストラン、喫茶店、バーなどでのみ、この表現が使われます。


  1. (two people deciding what to order at a restaurant)
    Order anything you like. Dinner is on me tonight.
  2. (at a ticket counter, to a friend reaching for his wallet)
    You don't need to take out your wallet. This is on me.
  3. (a waiter to some customers)
    I'm sorry your food is taking so long. Here's a bottle of wine to enjoy while you wait. It's on the house.
  4. (sitting at the bar)
    CUSTOMER: My girlfriend says she's in love with my best friend.
    BARTENDER: Wow! That's rough. Here, this drink's on the house.

Good luck in all things this weekend!