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Greetings ! Welcome back for week #155 of Berlitz WordMaster. You know, during the past three years, we've talked a lot about food and drink here; it's a topic that's always in season! And this week ... you guessed it! We're going to do it again!

So pick up your knives and forks and get ready to feast!!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
A LOAF OF BREAD vs. A SLICE OF BREAD   パン1斤、ひと塊/パン1枚


  • A loaf of bread is bread that has been baked in one large mass, usually to be cut into smaller pieces before eating.

    A slice of bread is a thin, flat piece of bread that has been cut from a loaf. To slice bread is to cut it into slices.
  • loaf of bread  は、焼きあがったままの状態のパンの大きなひと塊をさします。普通、食べるときには、これをスライスします。

    slice of bread  はパンの塊をスライスしたものの1枚をさします。 to slice bread (パンを切る) のように slice  は動詞としても使われます。


  1. It's not easy to find a good loaf ofwhole-wheatbread in this town.
  2. (at a bakery)
    CUSTOMER: Would you please slice this loaf of bread for me?
    BAKER: How many slices would you like?
    CUSTOMER: Eight slices please.
  3. My wife ordered a roast beef sandwich at a deli in New York. It was so big she ordered two more slices of bread, made two sandwiches from the one, ate one sandwich there, and took the other home!

Ummmmmmm, good!