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Welcome back! Well, things have gone from bad to worse since yesterday. In the world of Berlitz WordMaster, everything is dark, the air-conditioner has stopped, and the food in the refrigerator is going bad quickly.


Today's Lesson


  • When there is an outage or blackout, the supply of electricity is stopped for a period of time.
  • outage  または  blackout  は、電力供給がしばらく止まること、つまり、停電という意味です。


  1. (a news report)
    The power outage caused by yesterday's typhoon has affected nearly 10,000 homes.
  2. Since they've had to shut down (= stop operating) many nuclear 
    reactors, they expect frequent outages in many parts of the country.
  3. a: Where were you during the blackout?
    b: Stuck in an elevator!!

Somebody turn on the lights!!