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Hello. Who's calling, please? Oh! We were hoping to hear from you today...!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Useful Expressions
"Who's calling, please?" vs. "Who is it?"   「どちら様ですか」vs.「誰からの電話ですか」


  • When YOU answer the phone and want to ask THE CALLER his name, you can say, Who's calling, please?

    When SOMEONE ELSE answers the phone and you want to ask THAT PERSON who the caller is, you can say, Who is it?
  • 自分が電話に出た場合:かけてきた相手が誰か知りたいとき、相手に向かって  Who's calling, please?  (どちら様ですか)と言うことができます。

    他の人が電話に出た場合:電話をかけてきた相手が誰が聞きたいとき、電話に出た人に向かって  Who is it?  (誰からの電話ですか)と言うことができます。


  1. (on the phone)
    RICK: Is Janet there?
    JANET'S MOM: Who's calling, please?
    RICK: This is Rick.
    JANET'S MOM: Oh hi, Rick. Just a minute. I'll get her. (shouting up the stairs) Janet, it's for you!
    JANET: Who is it?
    JANET'S MOM: It's Rick.
  2. (on the phone)
    CALLER: I'd like to speak to Mr. Beck, please.
    SECRETARY: Who's calling, please?
    CALLER: This is Parthenon Data Corporation.
    SECRETARY: One moment, please. (on the intercom) Mr. Beck, there's a phone call for you on Line 3.
  3. MR. BECK: Who is it?
    SECRETARY: Someone from Parthenon Data Corporation.

We've gotta hang up now. Talk to you again soon?