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Today's LessonCATEGORY: Useful Expressions
STUDY FOR (A TEST)   (テスト)に備えて勉強をする


  • To study for a test, quiz, etc. is to prepare for it by reading, reviewing, practicing, etc.
  • study for a test や study for a quiz は、テスト、小テストなどに備えて勉強する、という意味です。テキストを読んだり、復習したり、練習したりして準備します。


  1. a: Did you study for the math test? 
    b: Of course, I did. I was up all night reviewing the textbook.
  2. Mayumi's in her last year of high school, so she's very busy studying for her college entrance examinations.
  3. Student: What should we study for tomorrow's quiz? 
    Teacher: Make sure you understand everything in Chapter 3.

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