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Earth-Friendly Idea #1: Fill a 2.5 liter PET bottle with water, then leave it in the tank of your toilet. With each flush you'll be using 2.5 liters LESS water.

Today's Lesson
CONSERVE   (エネルギー)を節約する/(自然)を保護する


  • To conserve energy, water, etc. is to use only what is necessary, without waste, so that it lasts a long time.

    To conserve nature (animals, plants, etc.) is to keep it from being harmed.

    Conservation is the act of conserving.
  • conserve は、(例えば、エネルギーや、水などを)無駄なく必要な分だけ使う、つまり、節約する、という意味です。このようにして使えば、すぐになくなってしまうことはありません。

    conserve nature (animals, plants, etc.) は、自然(動物、植物など)を保護する、という意味です。

    conservation は、conserve の名詞形です。


  1. One way we can all help the environment is to conserve energy at home and at the office.
  2. In order to conserve electricity at the company, we've replaced all the light bulbs with ones that use less energy.
  3. It's not just people in desert countries who have to conserve water.
  4. If we don't conserve our animals and natural spaces, the world will lose much of its beauty and become a very lonely place.
  5. The government is trying to encourage energy conservation by raising taxes on gasoline, natural gas, and electricity.