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Today's Lesson


  • To hold your breath is to keep air in your lungs for a while without letting it out.
  • hold your breath  は、息を吸い込んだまましばらく吐き出さないでいる、つまり、息をとめる、という意味です。


  1. a: I can hold my breath for three minutes.
    b: Big deal! I can hold mine for four.
  2. (two people walking along a busy street)
    a: Look at all the black smoke coming from the back of that truck!
    b: You'd better hold your breath until it passes.
  3. The bathroom smelled so bad I held my breath the whole time I was in there.
  4. (as a doctor checks your heart and lungs)
    Take a deep breath ... and hold it ... and let it go.

You can breathe again!