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Today's Lesson
CONTAGIOUS   伝染性の/伝染病にかかった


  • A DISEASE is contagious if it can be spread from person to person through direct contact, indirect contact (via towels, etc), or by passing germs through the air.

    We say that a PERSON is contagious if they have a disease that is at a stage when it can be spread to others.
  • A DISEASE is contagious  は、ある病気が、直接または間接的(タオルなどを介して)な接触によって感染したり、空気感染したりする可能性があるという意味です。

    A PERSON is contagious  は、ある人が伝染性の病気にかかっている、という意味です。


  1. Because colds are contagious, but often not serious enough to keep people from going to work, they spread rapidly.
  2. (a doctor to a patient)
    You have a highly contagious disease, so you'll need to be isolated from your family for a while.

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