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Hello! Well, it was not planned, but this second week on the theme of accidents and disasters is ending on Friday the 13th! How very appropriate. How very strange!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
LIGHTNING vs. THUNDER   稲妻 vs. 雷鳴


  • Lightning is a bright flash of light caused by electricity jumping from a cloud to the ground.

    Thunder is the loud sound you hear after a flash of lightning.
  • lightning は、電気を帯びた雷雲から地上に向かって走る閃光、つまり稲妻のことです。

    thunder は、稲妻の後に聞こえる大きな音、つまり雷鳴のことです。


  1. Lightning lit the night sky.
  2. There was a flash of lightning so bright it looked like night had turned to day.
  3. a: The lights just went out!
    b: I can see that! Lightning must have struck a power line.
  4. A man was struck by lightning at the country club last weekend.
  5. The sky was getting dark, and we heard thunder in the distance.
  6. My daughter is frightened of thunder. She puts her fingers in her ears during storms.
  7. There was a blinding flash of light and a tremendous crash of thunder that shook the house.

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