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It's "Parent Talk" and the kids are home! Here's an expression to help start those after-school conversations!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Useful Expressions
HOW WAS YOUR DAY?   今日はどうだった?


  • If you want to know what kind of day your child had at school, you can ask, How was your day at school?  You can ask someone who works for a living, How was your day at work?  Or, in either case, you can simply ask, How was your day?
  • 学校がどうだったかを子供に尋ねたいとき、How was your day at school? と言うことができます。仕事から帰った人に対しては How was your day at work? と尋ねることができます。どちらに対しても簡単に How was your day? と言っても構いません。


  1. Mother: How was your day at school?
    Child: It was fun. We saw a cool video in biology class.
  2. 母親: 学校はどうだった?
    子供: うん、楽しかった。生物の時間におもしろいビデオを見たよ。

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