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Day 2 of Week 2 of our "Parent Talk" special here at Berlitz WordMaster. It's great to see you!


  • To announce to the people you live with that you've come back home from school, work, the store, etc., you can say, I'm home! as you walk in the door.

    A common reply is Hi!

    Be careful:
    I'm home! is NOT used in exactly the same way as the Japanese ただいま. I'm home! is normally said as you walk in the door, when no one is there to greet you, so it is typically SHOUTED for people in other parts of the house to hear. If someone does greet you at the door, or if you walk into a room where there are people, you usually just say "Hi! "
  • 学校、仕事、買い物などから帰ったことを玄関から家族に知らせるために I'm home! と言います。

    返事としては Hi! と言うことがよくあります。

    I'm home! は、日本語の「ただいま」と使う場面が少し違います。玄関を入って誰もいないとき、I'm home! と家の中に向かって叫ぶのが普通です。誰かが玄関で迎えてくれたり、人がいる部屋に入って行ったときには、普通 Hi! と言います。


  1. Child (at the door): I'm home!
    Mother (in the kitchen): Hi, honey!
  2. 子供(玄関で): ただいま!
    母親(台所で): お帰りなさい!

Enjoy the rest of the day!