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It's Friday, you're here, and the WordMaster is fresh and plentiful. It's going to be a memorable meal!

There is no standard expression in English like ごちそうさま that is always said at the end of a meal; however, the following expressions are sometimes used (Add "Thank you" when you have eaten at someone's home or when someone is paying for your meal at a restaurant):

日本語の「ごちそうさま」のように食事を終えたときに言う決まった言い方は英語にはありません。けれども、以下のような言い方をすることがあります。誰かの家でごちそうになったり、レストランでおごってもらったりした場合は、Thank you. を付け加えます。

That was delicious. (Thank you.)

That was great. (Thank you.)

That was the best meal I've had in a long time. (Thank you.)
1.(at a friend's home)
.a:That was delicious. Thank you.
b:I'm glad you liked it.
2.(at a restaurant, when your friend is paying)
.a:That was great! Thank you.
b:You're welcome. I knew you'd like this place.
3.(at a restaurant, when paying for yourself)
a:That was the best meal I've had in a long time.
b:It was good, wasn't it?
May the weekend be one of your best ever!

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