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When you are eating with others and you want someone to give you the salt, a dish of food, etc., you can say, Please pass the salt/corn/sauce/etc.

Another way of saying this is, Could you pass the salt, please?

他の人と食事をしていて、塩や料理などを取ってほしいとき、Please pass the salt/corn/sauce/etc. (塩/とうもろこし/ソース/その他 を取ってください)と言うことができます。

他の言い方として、Could you pass the salt, please? (塩を取っていただけますか)もあります。
1.a:Please pass the pepper.
b:(WHILE passing the pepper) Here you are.
2.a:Could you pass the sausage, please?
b:(BEFORE passing the sausage) Sure.
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