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Hi! Today we present you with your Friday WordMaster, the last of our two-week, special look at the movies. Maybe a good way to celebrate the end of this series would be to see one of the new movies playing at your favorite theater. Then meet with one of your English-speaking friends or your teacher and impress them with all that you can say about the film!

Here are some words for specific parts of a movie:

-acting  演技
-photography  撮影
-music  音楽
-writing  脚本
-ending  結末

-costumes  衣装
-sets  セット
-special effects  特殊効果(SFX)

You can use any of these in the following commonly used expressions (Be careful to use "were", NOT "was", with the plurals "costumes", "sets", and "special effects"):

上記の言葉を使って次のようなよく使われる表現ができます。どの言葉をあてはめても構いません。("costumes"、"sets"、"special effects" は、複数形で使う点に注意しましょう。)

(when it was good) よかった場合
  •  The (acting) was great!
  •  I really liked/enjoyed the (acting).  

(when it was not so good)  あまりよくなかった場合

  • The (acting) wasn't very good.  
  • I was disappointed by the (acting).
  • I thought the (acting) was overrated.
Have a terrific weekend!

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