Movie Talk (3): "I was on the edge of my seat!"

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Thanks for remembering us again today. We think you'll be glad you came. We've got some more Movie Talk for you, and today's list includes some really fun expressions that we know you'll want to use right away.

Here's your Thursday WordMaster!

Here are some more specific (less general) things to say about movies you like and those you'd like to forget:


(when the movie was good) よかった場合
  •  It made me cry.
  •  I was on the edge of my seat!
  •  I can't wait for the sequel!

(when the movie was not so good)  あまりよくなかった場合

  • (I thought) it was too long.  
  • It wasn't as good as the book.
Hopefully, now you're thinking, "I can't wait for the sequel!" ... of Berlitz WordMaster, that is. Until tomorrow!! 

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