WATCH OUT!   危ない!

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When you want a person to be aware of some possible danger, you can tell the person to watch out FOR something, such as falling rocks or speeding cars. Or, if a person is in immediate danger, you can simply shout, Watch out!

何かに対して注意を促したいとき watch out FOR something と言うことができます。例: watch out for falling rocks(落石注意)、watch out for speeding cars(スピードを出している車に注意)
危険が差し迫っているときには、for 以下なしで、Watch out! (危ない!)だけでもいいです。
1.Watch out for sharks if you're going to swim in the bay.
2.When you're in a crowd, you should watch out for pick-pockets and should never carry your wallet in your back pocket.
3.(in a car)
Watch out! ... Wow! That was close. That bus almost hit us.
4.Watch out! There's a train coming.

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