It's time for our last "back-to-school" WordMaster. Thanks for being with us these past two weeks. We've enjoyed reliving our school days with you. 

But there's still one more "back-to-school" edition before we "graduate" to a new theme. Have fun with it!

[TERM] PAPER        レポート 【学業】

In school, to write a paper is to write an essay or research report for a course.

A term paper is an especially long paper, usually written over several weeks. It is usually an important part of a student's grade for the course.

paper は、学生が教師に提出するレポートのことです。

term paper は、通常、数週間かけて書き上げるような、長いレポートのことをさします。その講座の成績にかなり影響するのが普通です。
1.(a teacher to her class)
I want you to write a four- to five-page paper comparing the main female characters in this novel.
2.a:You look terrible. Are you sick?
b:No. I was just up all night finishing my history paper.
3.a:What are you going to do your term paper on?
b:I'm doing it on changes in the education system after the French Revolution.
4.a:Have you got your term paper back yet?
b:Yes. I only got a B- on it. I'm pretty disappointed.
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