Hello, again! We've just three more days of our Berlitz WordMaster "back-to-school" series left. We hope you've found this group of WordMasters fun and interesting so far.

Here's one more!

PASS / FAIL   合格する / 落ちる 【試験】

To pass a test is to get a score equal to or higher than the lowest satisfactory score.

To fail a test is to not pass it.

pass a test は、試験で最低限求められている点数以上の点数をとるということ、つまり試験に受かるという意味です。

fail a test は、試験に落ちるという意味です。
1.If you don't pass all your courses this term, you won't be able to graduate.
2.I finally passed my driving test after failing three times.
3.a:Have you ever failed a test?
b:Only once. It was the entrance exam for Tokyo University.