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PRETTY (good)   かなり(良い)

If we say that something is pretty good, pretty difficult, pretty fast, etc., we usually mean that it is quite good or good to a large degree, quite difficult, etc.

(Be careful: If, however, the word pretty is stressed in a sentence, then pretty means only "fairly" or "to a limited degree". For example, "The movie was PRETTY good" means that the movie was FAIRLY good, but not VERY good.)

pretty は、かなりという意味です。 pretty good、 pretty difficult 、 pretty fastは、かなり良い、かなり難しい、かなり速いという意味になります。

注意: pretty という言葉を強く言った場合は、まあまあという意味になります。例:The movie was PRETTY good.(映画はまあまあ良かった)
1.The apartment we saw was pretty small. There certainly wasn't enough room for a family of four.
2.I'm pretty sure this is where we're supposed to meet them.
3.The test was pretty easy. I think I'll get a pretty good score.
4.a:How did your interview go?
b:It went PRETTY well. It would have gone better, though, if I hadn't been so nervous.
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