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Here's Day 4 of our WordMaster special celebrating the power of the word right!

When someone says, I'll be right with you, they mean they will be able to help you or give you their attention very soon, usually immediately after doing something else first. This expression is used especially often by people in the service industry (for example, waitresses and hotel front desk clerks).

I'll be right with you. は、何かを済ませた後すぐに応対する、という意味です。これは、特に、ウエイトレスやホテルのフロント係りなど、サービス産業に従事している人がよく使う表現です。
1.Please have a seat over there, Mrs. Brent. The doctor will be right with you.
2.a:Waitress! Excuse me, Waitress! We're ready to order now.
b:I'll be right with you, sir. I just need to take this food to another table first. 
3.a:Mr. Hampton is here to see you, sir.
b:OK. Tell him I'll be right with him.
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