We're on Day 3 of our WordMaster special on the word right. Have you begun to see how very useful this word can be?

Here's yet another way this notable member of the English language can add freshness and punch to your speech!

(be) RIGHT BACK   すぐに戻って、すぐに返して

When used with expressions such as "be back", "come back", and "call back", right means "very soon", usually immediately after doing something else first.

right は、"be back"、"come back"、"call back" などの表現と共に使うと、すぐにという意味になります。 たいていは、何かを済ませた後直ちに、という意味で使われます。
1.(a cell phone rings during a meeting)
Excuse me for a minute while I take this call outside. I'll be right back.
2.a:Where's Janet?
b:I don't know. She said she'd be right back, but that was over 30 minutes ago.
3.(a newscaster) 
We'll be right back with more news after this short commercial break. 
4.(on the phone)
a:I can't hear you very well. I think we have a bad connection.
b:OK. I'll hang up and call you right back.
5.(at a train station)
a:Do I have time to buy something to drink?
b:Sure, but come right back. Our train leaves in five minutes. 
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