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Here's a WordMaster for you!


A traffic light is a set of electric lights (usually green, yellow, and/or red) used to control traffic at an intersection. When it is clear what we are talking about, we sometimes just use the word light.

traffic lightは、交通を整理するためのライト、つまり信号のことです。信号について言っていると明らかなときには、単にlightと言うこともあります。

1.We teach our children to wait until the traffic light is green before crossing the street.
2.This traffic light takes a very long time to change, doesn't it? It's been red for almost two minutes now.
3.(a policeman to a driver)
You just ran through a red light, sir. Show me your driver's license, please.
4.Turn left at the third set of lights. The library will be on your right at the corner.
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