Welcome back from what we hope was a long and memorable holiday for you. How does it feel to be back to normal again? Not so good? Well, we'll try to make this week's WordMasters extra special for you then.

AGO   ~前に

We use the word ago to talk about how many hours, days, years, etc. before the PRESENT something happened. Ago is normally used with a verb in the past tense.

(Be careful: We can't use the word "before" in the same way as ago; for example, if you were born 35 years ago, you would NOT say, "I was born 35 years BEFORE.")


注意: beforeはagoと同じようには使えません。例えば、35年前に生まれたと言いたいときには、I was born 35 years BEFORE.とは言いません。

1.I'm not hungry, thanks. I just ate about an hour ago.
2.Millions of years ago, dinosaurs walked the planet.
3.a:My wife and I will celebrate our tenth anniversary next week.
b:Did you really get married ten years ago?
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