DO YOU MIND IF I (do) ... ?   ~しても構いませんか

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Hello! Can you believe that January is already behind us? Today begins the coldest month of the year, so dress warm, get lots of sleep, and don't forget your daily WordMaster.

This is a very polite way of asking for permission to do something. It is followed by the base form of the verb.

(Be careful: When you want to give permission to someone asking this question, you say, "No" or "Not at all". When you want to refuse permission, we do NOT usually answer with "Yes", as this would be too straight. Rather, say, "I'd rather you didn't.")

これは許可を得るときに使うとても丁寧な言い方です。if Iの後には動詞の原形が来ます。

注意: 答える際に、もし構わないのであればNo(構いません)とかNot at all(全然構いません)と言います。して欲しくないときは、普通Yesとは言いません。ストレートになりすぎてしまいます。I'd rather you didn't.(できればして欲しくないのですが)と答えましょう。

1. a: Do you mind if I turn up the heat a little?
   b: Not at all. I'm a little cold, too.

2. a: Do you mind if I sit here?
   b: No, please do.

3. a: Do you mind if I smoke?
   b: I'd rather you didn't.
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