WOULD YOU MIND (doing)...?   ~していただいても構いませんか

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This is a very polite way of asking someone to do something for you.

Note that this expression uses the "-ing" form of the verb.

(Be careful: When you want to say that you'll do what someone is asking, you say, "NO" or "Not at all". When you do NOT want to do it, we do NOT usually answer with "Yes", as this would be too straight. Instead, say, "I'd rather not.")



注意: 答える際、頼み事を聞いてあげるなら、NO(構いませんよ)とか Not at all(全然構いませんよ)と言います。嫌な場合は、普通Yesとは言いません。ストレートになりすぎてしまいます。I'd rather not.(できればしたくないのですが)と答えましょう。

1. a: Would you mind waiting in the lobby?
   b: Not at all.

2. a: Would you mind taking this to the post office on your way?
   b: I'd rather not. I'm in a hurry.

3. a: Would you mind helping me move this desk?
   b: I'm sorry, but I hurt my back a few days ago. I probably shouldn't.
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