COULD/MAY I (do) ... ?   ~してもいいですか

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Hello! It's good to see you! We hope you are well.

Here's day 2 of our "requests and permission" series!

These questions are used when the speaker is asking for permission to do something. Could I is more generally used. May I is more polite and sounds formal. Both are followed by the base form of the verb.

(Be careful: Pay close attention to the examples to see how to answer these questions.)

これは許可を得るときに使う言い回しです。Could Iという言い方の方がより一般的です。May Iの方が丁寧でちょっとフォーマルです。両方とも動詞は原形を使います。

注意: これらの質問にどのように答えるか、例文をよく見てください。

1. a: Could I borrow your calculator for a minute?
   b: Sure. Here you are.

2. a: Could I have another piece of lasagne?
   b: Sorry, but there isn't any left.

3. a: Could I open the window a little?
   b: I'd rather you didn't. The wind's blowing pretty hard outside.

4. a: May I talk with you, Professor Sears?
   b: Of course. Sit down. What's the problem?

5. a: May I use your phone?
   b: I'm sorry, but that's our business line. There's a pay phone in the hall.

6. a: May I keep this copy?
   b: I'd rather you didn't. That's confidential information.
Enjoy the rest of the day!