COULD/WOULD YOU (do) ..., (PLEASE)?~してもらえますか

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Greetings! Welcome back. From today, we will be offering you a full week of ways to make requests and ask for permission. So, "If you don't mind ...," we'd like to begin.


These questions are used to ask someone to do something for you -- to make requests. They are relatively polite, especially when "please" is added. Both are followed by the base form of the verb. 

(Be careful: Pay close attention to examples to see how to answer these questions.)


注意: これらの質問にどのように答えるか、例文をよく見てください。

1. (customer to waiter)
   a: Could you make my steak medium rare, please?
   b: Certainly, sir.

2. a: Could you drive? I'm rather tired.
   b: Sorry, but I just had a couple of beers. I probably shouldn't drive, either.

3. a: Would you give Mr. Taylor a message for me, please?
   b: Of course.
   a: Would you ask him to call me at my office after 4:00?
   b: Certainly. I'll give him the message.

4. a: Would you sign here on the dotted line, please?
   b: I'm sorry, but I'd like to talk with my wife about this first.

5. a: Would you let me use your laptop computer over the weekend?
   b: I'd rather not. It's very expensive.
Thanks for coming!